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Our Christ Centered Staff

School Administrator - Mrs. Wendy Lipe


Administrative Secretary - Mrs. Donna Fulmer

Early Elementary Supervisor - Mrs. Jennifer Suttle

Upper Elementary Supervisor - Mr. Dalton Lipe

Middle School Supervisor- Mrs. Wendy Lipe

High School Supervisor- Mrs. Wendy Lipe


Learning Center Monitor- Mrs. Veronica Oxendine


Readmaster Supervisor/Librarian- Ms. Kathy Funk 

Volunteers- Mrs. Tiffany Mulkey


P.E. Program - Ms. Angie Lanier


Boys Basketball Coach - Mr. Junior Lipe


Girls Volleyball Coaches - Mr. Junior Lipe

Archery Coaches- Mr. Jim Hollis; Mr. Josh Mulkey


Private lessons (Piano) - Jacob Cole


Private Lessons (Guitar) - Annie Klipa 

Art Program - Mrs. Wendy Lipe


Spanish Immersion Program - Señora Ariana Barbaran

Building and Grounds Program - Mr. Dennis Googe

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