Academy Christian School

"Home of the Lions"

Est. 2006

Extracurricular Activities

At our new campus, we are now able to offer many extracurricular activities. We launched our first bowling league in the fall of 2012, at Strikers Family Fun Center. Because of its success, we have continued to offer this league every fall.We also offer our students after school clubs such as: Drama, Signing, Instrumental lessons, Club Volleyball, and have the opportunity to offer girls and boys basketball in the winter, and track and field events for the spring. 

We are so excited to announce that we have had a basketball team at Regional Student Convention for three years. Last year we will have our first volleyball team eligible to compete at Regional Student Convention.

For the past five years, we have launched our 4-H Club which meets on the first Friday of every month. 4-H offers many projects and activities for students ages 5-18. We are involved in the chicken project, but there are many other projects that we can join.

Due to the recent change in team sports laws at the local high schools, students are able to join the intermediate sports teams at the local high school that they are zoned for. We will help them with all the necessary documentation they will need in order to enroll in their team sport.

​As the Lord grows our school, we will continue moving forward to offer a full athletic program through our school.

On the last Friday of the month, the students who have worked hard all month by getting a certain amount of days without homework, they will be eligible to go off campus and enjoy a special trip.