​​School Administrator - Mrs. Wendy Lipe

Administrative Secretary - Mrs. Donna Fulmer

​ABC's Supervisor - Mrs. Crystal Hughes

Elementary (1st - 5th) - Mrs. Holli Justice

Middle and High School (6th - 12th grade) - Mrs. Wendy Lipe    


Spot Checking Supervisors- Mrs. Rose and Señora Grace   

Readmaster Supervisor- Ms. Kathy Funk                       ​​

P.E. Program - Ms. Angie Lanier

Boys Basketball Coaches - Mr. Junior Lipe

Girls Volleyball Coaches - Mr. Junior Lipe

Private lessons (Piano) - Mrs. Kathy Googe

Art Program - Mrs. Wendy Lipe

Spanish Immersion Program - Señora Evelyn Rosario

Student Pastor & Bussing - Pastor Ronnie Aiton

Building and Ground Program - Mr. Dennis Googe

Librarian - Ms. Kathy Funk

Janitorial Services -  Señora Evelyn Rosario

IT Assistant - Mr. Josue Barbaran

Our Christ Centered Staff

Using the ACE Pace curriculum, we are able to give each student the individual attention they need. We start every day with worship and devotion, then it’s off to the learning centers.

Although this is an individualized curriculum, our teachers are fully engaged with students throughout the entire day. Each student is challenged daily and given a total of 6-7 PACE subjects which include: math, english, spelling, literature, science, social studies, as well as electives.

Because no two students learn the same, this unique learning system has been able to meet the need of every student, and challenge them spiritually within every subject.

In 2011, we were able to launch our Spanish immersion program which requires all of our students from K5-12th grade to begin reading, writing, and speaking Spanish as a second language.To learn more about ACE – please visit their site:


ACE Pace Curriculum

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